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1. Setting – Application – Application Manager – Installation setting – Software Installation – All
2. Setting – Application – Application Manager – Installation setting – Online certificate check – Off 

Riyadh Tel Platinum Dialer

http://riyadhtel.net/riyadhtel.sis [ For Nokia ]
http://riyadhtel.net/riyadhtel.apk [ For Android ]
Just go on Play Store and Search Riyadh Tel [ For Android ]


Puspo Plus Platinum Dialer

http://riyadhtel.net/puspoplus.sis [ For Nokia ]
http://riyadhtel.net/puspoplus.apk [ For Android ]
Just go on Play Store and Search Puspo Plus [ For Android ]

iTel Mobile Dialer Express [OP Code : 47189]
::: Puspo Tel ::: [ Latest, For Nokia ] [ For Nokia ] [ For Nokia ] 
Just go Play Store and Search iTel Mobile Dialer [Android]

iTel Dialer Lite [OP Code : 47189]
::: Puspo Tel :::

Just go Play Store and Search  Mobile Dialer Lite

iTel Dialer Plus [OP Code : 47189]

::: Puspo Plus ::: [ Latest, For Nokia ] [ For Android}
Just go Play Store and Search iTel Dialer Plus [Android]

Hellobyte Dialer [OP Code:32875]
::: Tulip Tel ::: [New, For Nokia] [ For Nokia ] [All countries, Android] [ For Etisalat WiFi ]
Just go Play Store and Search Hellobyte Dialer [Android]

Free Dialer Gulf [OP Code:88018]
::: Riyadh Tel :::

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Free Dialer Plus [OP Code:88018]
::: Riyadh Tel :::

Free Dialer Plus for social network [ For Android ]
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Core4Voip Dialer [OP Code:88019]
::: Riyadh Tel ::: [For Nokia]  [For Android ]
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Gold Dialer [OP Code:3344]
::: Riyadh Tel :::
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Gold Dialer Lite [OP Code: 3344]
::: Riyadh Tel :::

Just go Play Store and Search Gold Dialer Lite

PC 2 Phone For all Country
::: Riyadh Tel ::: [ Operator Code: 40026 ] [ Op Code: 3344 ] [ OpCode: 47189] [ OpCode: 47189]

Linksys Tunnel Download Link:

Tunnel Server IP:
Tunnel Server Port: 9251
Local Port: 5061

 CDR Link:





Mobile Dialer Operator Code                     89619
Mobile Dialer Download Link
Itel Plaitnum Download Link Android
Itel Platinum Download Link Nokia
Plasy Store Search                  SYONTEL
Mtel Operator Code                    22286
Mtel Download Link For Android http://bitly.com/mtelandroid
Mtel Download Link For Nokia
Mtel Download Link  Only For Oman
Mtel Pc2phone Download Link
Play Store Search                   MTEL
Gplex Dialer Operator Code                      1933
Gplex Dialer Download Link android
Gplex Dialer Download Link Nokia
Gplex Pc Dialer Link
Gplex Playstore Search         gplex Dialer prime